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We help tax pros automate workflows for a more profitable and peaceful practice. 



Hey Tax Pro!

Struggling With How To Set Up & Use Your Automated Workflows In TaxDome?  

Our Step-By-Step Roadmap Will Show You How To Set Up Your First Automated Workflow In Less Than 20 Hours & Help You Master The Tool For More Profit & Time Freedom.


Here's a scary fact:

22 Hours

According to a survey by The National Society of Accountants… 

☝️That’s how much time PER WEEK the average Tax Pro, Accountant, or Bookkeeper wastes on complicated and manual tasks in their practice… (did we mention these tasks are NON-BILLABLE?!)  


That adds up to over 1,100 hours every. single. year. and takes away valuable time that could be spent on MORE important things…

Like growing your business and enjoying more profit & time freedom!

Just Imagine...

How Much Time, Money, and Freedom You'll Have When You Properly Automate These Tasks With TaxDome!


  • MORE time with your family (even during busy season!)…
  • LESS time on boring, repetitive, and non-billable tasks…
  •  Capacity to serve 2-3X MORE of your ideal clients… 
  •  Scale your practice WITHOUT adding on new team members…
  •  Freedom to work less AND make more money…
  •  Ability to offer advanced services to your clients…


All Because You Have A Roadmap For Setting Up Efficient & Effective Workflows In TaxDome! 🙌



Stephanie Papini

Tax Pro

“I am so incredibly grateful and impressed with this program and the level of support I have received. I have been using TaxDome but I know I was only getting 20% out of it. Building these pipelines in a way that makes sense is no easy task, especially if you’re new to automation. The course material and instruction have truly helped me break down the process into manageable pieces.”

TaxDome is great…

But learning how to set it up and use it can be a REAL pain! 


👉 The sad truth is that most Tax Pros are NOT using TaxDome to its full potential.

Imagine what your business and life could look like when you fully use & optimize your TaxDome system.


You can: 

✅ Create A High-Revenue Practice That Allows You To Work As Much Or As Little As YOU Want 

✅ Enjoy A “Lifestyle” Business With Plenty Of Freedom, Money, & Lots Of Happy Clients!

✅ Build & Scale Your Very Own Tax Empire That Runs Like A Well-Oiled Machine 

✅ Become A 6-Figure Practice As A Solo Preparer Working 40 Hours A Week Or LESS During Busy Season

✅ Finally Transition To A Digital And/Or Paperless Office Where You Still Provide The High-Quality Service That Your Clients Deserve 

✅ Travel The World During Tax Season & Prepare Taxes While Lounging On The Beach & Sipping  On A Pina Colada! 

✅ Hire A Team Of A-Players That Can Easily Run Your Business For You Without Chaos or Overwhelm

✅ Eliminate The Frustrating, Costly, & Piecemealed System That You’re Currently Using To Run Your Practice 

✅ Stop Feeling Tied Down To Your Practice & Start Doing Things That Light You Up 🤩& Get You EXCITED About Your Business Again!


☝️That’s EXACTLY what we’re gonna help you do.



Who The Heck Are Jamie & Jessica and How Did They Become TaxDome Experts?


It's a cool story actually...


 Workflows for Tax Pros was founded in 2021 by Tax-pert Jessica Smith and Systems Implementation Specialist Jamie Gruol.

As an Enrolled Agent struggling to manage a growing list of clients…

Jessica turned to TaxDome to automate her client management processes.

After designing POWERFUL workflows that gave her the time, freedom, and flexibility to create her dream life…

Jessica reached a six-figure income working just 30 hours a week…

During tax season! 🤩

Fast forward a few years when Jessica responded to a friendly market research post from Jamie in a Facebook group of 35k entrepreneurs.

After a conversation about babies, business, and dreams…

The two parted as fast friends.

Jessica was intrigued by Jamie's expertise in workflow and systems set up and threw out a CRAZY idea…

What if Jamie learned about TaxDome and helped others set up their own automated workflows alongside her?

The Workflows For Tax Pros brand was born and since that fateful moment…

We’ve been positively impacting hundreds of Tax Professionals all across the USA and Canada.


Workflow Expert

Jamie brings over a decade of experience as a Software Implementation Project Manager and has her undergrad degree in accounting with an MBA.

With her mechanical mind, she shows you EXACTLY how to transform your current processes into efficient, fully-automated systems.

And by using the unique project management systems that she’s developed over the years…

Jamie helps you break everything down into bite-sized chunks that make setting up your TaxDome tool easy peasy!

Jamie is a mama of two and lives in Vermont with her husband.


Enrolled Agent

Also known as America’s TaxDome Sweetheart…

Jessica has been using TaxDome in her practice for over three years and is the genius behind many of the processes and templates that are included in the Workflows For Tax Pros program.

Thanks to her automated practice, Jessica just had her most profitable year yet and was able to EASILY process over 300 returns working only 30 hours per week (even during busy season!)

She reached her goal to make six figures with just one part-time assistant and is doing EXACTLY what YOU want to be doing…

Working less and making more! 🙌

Jessica lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and is a mama to 3 children.

Madelyne Cromwell

Enrolled Agent at Cromwell Tax & Bookkeeping  

“I don't think there is any way a busy professional can figure out TaxDome on their own. I am very tech-savvy and even I was WAY overwhelmed at the beginning…There is no way I could have implemented TaxDome without Workflows for Tax Pros.”

So What’s Inside Workflows for Tax Pros?

We thought you’d never ask…🥰

Module 1

Ready to dip your toes in the TaxDome waters? 🏄

In this module, we’ll take you on a tour of the course so that you know HOW to use it while gaining access to the resources and support you need to get started. 

You’ll also learn our simple 3-step approach (The 3 A’s of Automation) to gain mastery in TaxDome and WHAT to do if you’re brand new to the tool.

Module 2

Client Experience

Learn how to elevate your client experience with TaxDome by creating a high-level Client Communications Plan. 

(Did we mention this leads to MORE referrals and LESS time & money spent on marketing?!🙌)

Module 3

Phase 1 - Automate

Learn the foundations of TaxDome, how to build (and test!) your automated pipelines and how to create your automated client organizer. 

Get access to our PROVEN templates for: 

✅ Emails

✅ Messages

✅ Tasks 

✅ Organizers

✅ Folders 

✅ and MUCH more!  

Module 4

Phase 2 - Advance

Now that you’ve learned the basics, let’s go deeper and learn how to utilize and execute the advanced automation features in TaxDome including conditional pipeline logic, optimization for efficiency, advanced tagging of accounts, and more. 

You can also join our Live 2-Day Advanced TaxDome workshop here and discover how to identify, map out, and use the powerful advanced features that you were scared to try on your own!

Module 5

Phase 3 - Acclimate

Bring your vision of a FULLY automated practice to life! 🤩

Like any online business tool…TRUE mastery of TaxDome requires consistent learning and use of the system.

Join us for the next 11 months and experience our weekly TaxDome deep dives and Open Q&A sessions!

You also get BONUS access to all previously recorded trainings in our W4TP Video Vault!

Module 6

TaxDome Tips & Tricks

“But wait! How do I (insert thing you want to do) in TaxDome?!” 😨
This module is a literal treasure trove of tips, tricks, & TaxDome strategies that will help you to streamline ALL areas of your newly automated practice.

Module 7

BONUS Content!

Level up your practice with our BONUS content! 🚀

Get access to powerful masterclasses and trainings that we ONLY share with W4TP members, including: 

💪How To Successfully Onboard Your Existing Clients to TaxDome!💪

Click Here to Get Workflows for Tax Pros now!

Here’s What Our Members Are Saying About Workflows for Tax Pros

“My experience {in W4TP} has been seamless: clear instructions and videos that walk you through how to set up pipelines, lots of office hours and meetings if you have any questions, weekly update emails, PLUS you guys are super active on Facebook!”

-Taylor G.

“TaxDome is a HUGE undertaking…

Workflows for Tax Pros will give you the roadmap.”


 - Heather B.

“W4TP gives you everything you need to create your pipelines. TD has a LOT of features and they weed through what we need for our business and help us understand and apply the features that we will use in our practice.”

- Karen C.

“Workflows for Tax Pros is very comprehensive, full of templates to copy and paste rather than re-inventing the wheel. 

I could not wrap my head around how to get started alone in TaxDome…This was step-by-step and had lots of support along the way.”

- Rachel W.

“This program is AMAZING!! Jaime and Jessica have done an outstanding job in producing a product that is so incredibly helpful. 

I know for a fact that had I not found W4TP I would have given up using Tax Dome because of how overwhelming it is at first.  

I have found their explanations of the different parts of Tax Dome and the templates they offer via Asana indispensable.”

- Olivia J.

“This is the BEST program out there! Without it, I would have never been able to set up my TaxDome and get ready for the tax season!”

- Alana G.

Workflows For Tax Pros Makes Automating With TaxDome Easy 🙌


Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Join:


You’re a busy tax pro and you don’t have time to waste on long, boring videos 😱…

That’s why each video module is broken down into POWERFUL bite-sized chunks. 

These step-by-step trainings give you everything you need to quickly automate your workflows in TaxDome.


Why reinvent the wheel? 😏

Our PROVEN template pipelines (including emails, messages, and other tasks) will help streamline your workflows for maximum efficiency.

Included in Your Membership:

Onboarding, Tax Prep, Recurring Bookkeeping, Representation, and so much more!


Sometimes you just need someone to show you exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it! 😅

In this LIVE 2-day workshop we’ll show you how to utilize the advanced skills within TaxDome to further customize and optimize your workflows.

The best part? 

You can join the workshops over and over again to get the clarity & support you need.


In the world of remote working, having a close-knit group of friends & colleagues is CRITICAL for growing, learning & staying sane 🤪 

Our thriving and fully engaged community of Tax Pros, Accountants, & Bookkeepers is unlike any group you’ve ever been a part of! 

Our Private Group is where we host training sessions, share ideas & industry secrets, and help you automate your practice with TaxDome.


FACT: The long-term health and success of your practice is MORE than just setting up your TaxDome tool 😌

We will support you AND your business with important tools like Standard Operating Procedure Templates, Team Delegation Models, and MUCH more to keep your systems scaling smoothly.


Sick of buying courses where you NEVER get access to the creator(s)? 😡

There shall be no gatekeeping here! 

Bring your questions directly to Jamie, Jessica & our team of experts and get the answers you need.

This is the ONLY TaxDome course where you’ll get personalized help with completing your setups. 

We’ll also help you overcome barriers in operations, and learn how to implement new TaxDome enhancements.

Click Here to Get Workflows for Tax Pros now!




Look, we get it. 

As a numbers person, you want to know exactly what kind of R.O.I. you can expect on this investment.

The industry average is that each staff member will save about 2 hours a day by implementing automated client management software (aka TaxDome!)

So let’s look at an example of a Small Practice with 3 people:

3 staff members x 2 hours/day x 246 working days less 2 weeks vacation

= 1,476 hours saved


1,476 hours x $30/hour average wage

= $44,280



We don’t know about you…

But 44 grand is nothing to turn your nose up at 😏

When you consider what your savings are year over year… 

You have no choice but to ensure your practice is built on a solid foundation of automation with TaxDome.


Workflows For Tax Pros is The ONLY Course You’ll EVER Need To Create The Automated Tax Practice of Your Dreams!



Did we miss anything?




Setting Up Your Taxdome Tool Does NOT Have To Be A Frustrating & Time-Consuming Process! 

Workflows for Tax Pros is the ONLY course of its kind that shows busy Tax Professionals, Accountants, & Bookkeepers HOW to set up and use their TaxDome tool…

 Which inevitably leads you to more profit and time freedom!

We aren’t joking when we say this has NEVER been done before. 

We will help you pull the complicated processes out of your head…

And transform them into client-focused, automated, & optimized workflows that *actually* work for you and your practice!